Update: Friday (6/1)

Hello partners,

Today, we visited the Tuel Sleng Genocide Museum in the afternoon. It was an experience for all of us. Everyone caught a glimpse of the evil that took place on in this country that broke our hearts and made us want to cry out more for this nation.

God has really just revealed how Satan stole a whole generation from this nation but at the same time how His heart just cried out and broke for His people. Today, we caught a glimpse of the weeping room that Jesus was in as this tragedy took place.

We also met a little girl, named Pon. Pon sold bracelets at the entrance of the musuem. One of our team members asked for her age and her immediate answer was “You buy, I tell you”. We were so taken aback yet at the same time, it broke our hearts to see the walls that this little girl had to put up in order to earn a living for her family. She was not the only one. If you have been to Cambodia, you’ll know; there are uncountable number of little children who are street vendors especially in this area that our hotel is located in; there is just this sense that these children never got the opportunity to be children.

It was just a day of scouting out the land; physically and spiritually.

On a brighter note, we learnt when you cross the road in Cambodia, the vehicles DO NOT STOP for you. If you’re not careful, they will run you over. Elisa had a very close shave today. But thank God, all’s good.

The hand of the Lord is definitely upon this team as we continue to grow in love and understanding of one another. Keep praying that our love for each other will keep growing as we grow closer to our Jesus in this trip.

Thank you for partnering with us!


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