Update: Saturday (7/1)

Greetings, warriors,

Today, we had the privilege of visiting the Agape Restoration Center. Initially, we were expecting an older crowd but it turns out that the average age of these children is 12 years old; the youngest being 2 years old.

This was hard a reality that simply jumped up at us. Little children to 18 year old girls; all were children who have been trafficked either by their parents, relatives or traffickers.

God revealed different things to different people. Some of us got hit hard by the reality of the situation. As much as we wanted to just have fun with the girls there, it was heart-breaking when we remembered the reason why they were there.

The girls were amazing. They opened up to us immediately after the ice-breakers and were very welcoming. Every one was so excited to meet us. We had the privilege to serve them and get to know them more.

For some of us, God revealed the power of His restoration and hope. Hope of the day when they get completely restored by Jesus. He highlighted some girls and how He gifted them in such a unique way that He is going to raise them up to change this nation of Cambodia.

God increased our capacity to really be able to love and open up to these children. In a short span of 4 hours, we didn’t want to leave the place and saying goodbye was hard.

When we reflected upon the day, God’s hand was definitely upon us and everything that we had planned out for them; from the skits to the games to the gifts. He is crazy in love with these girls and He desires nothing more but to pour out His love on them.

Indeed, He made each and everyone of us so beautiful and no matter how hard the enemy tries to steal, kill and destroy the power of God to restore the days that the locust had eaten, as we witnessed today, is WAY greater!



2 thoughts on “Update: Saturday (7/1)

  1. Interested in hearing the rest of this post….Glad all is well. Please know that the Bible Chicks across Kansas City are praying for all of you, the children and their “masters” daily! Lori

    • haha. sorry Lori. It was supposed to be completed before we posted it but there was something wrong with the system. thank you for praying for us!

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