ARC aftermath


7 thoughts on “ARC aftermath

  1. I’m so happy to see everyone’s faces with big smiles =) Amen to everything said in the video – God is awesome!!! Thank you Amy for posting the video!! Blessings to every skits; may His messages be well delivered through all the activities.

  2. Thanks for the video Amy! Great to see everyone’s faces..smiling and tearful. You are all on an incredible journey to achieve a daunting task. Through our Lord, you are making a difference, so monumental that words can not describe. You are bringing a small slice of joy to the lives of these children ….. giving them a fleeting moment of what it truly is to be……children! God Bless you all, we are in prayer, daily, for your safety and success. Much love…

  3. I second what Evelyn said…

    Haha, blessings guys. This blog is awesome. Seriously so proud of everyone there…just thinking of you guys makes me happy. Praying His covering over you and the children 🙂

  4. WOW! amazing!! so good to see everyone out in the field! WE are with you in prayer! continue to be bold and fearless! haha this is making me so excited

    p.s: Amy, the background looks EXACTLY like Togo!! hahahaha love you! ❤

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