Update: Sunday (8/1)

Today, again, God blew us away by His mightiness. As it is Sunday today, we got to go to church here! We visited the church that is affiliated Agape International Missions and worshiped our Jesus with the local people of Svay Pak.

We believe, all of us tasted a little bit of Heaven today, as it says in Revelations how we will be worshiping with people from every nation and every tongue. Although physically, we did not understand each other’s language, but we know, all of us connected at a spiritual level where there was not a single doubt that they were our brothers and sisters and we truly are a family in Christ.

The Holy Spirit’s presence in the room was undeniable. When you walk into a church, in the middle of a town where you know is number one for trafficking young children, you cannot help but be blasted by God’s love for His people and His power of redemption and restoration.

We got to spend time with one of the disciples who brought us around and showed us Rahab’s house and the Lord’s gym. He started sharing testimonies with us of how the church that chooses to love is changing the lives of the local people there. We couldn’t help but praise God for the lives that He redeemed and restored. From the local people to the pimps that help the johns get what they were there for.

The Lord has been VERY graceful through the past 2 days of ministry that we did and we continue to pray that we will be kept in a place of humility and COMPLETE dependence on the Lord for every work that He has set out for us to finish here before we head back.

Thank you once again, your prayers has been sustaining us, especially physically! Keep praying that His JOY will be our STRENGTH and that we will constantly be filled by the Spirit to the point of overflow!


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