Safely back in kimchiland

We arrived safely with an extraordinarily smooth touch down.

Sorry for the lack of updates while on the missions field but rest assured, you’ll be getting more updates on what happened through pictures and videos soon, once we get everything put in order and have really taken time to reflect on what happened and truly give Him all the Glory.

Do keep praying for us though. Physically, we all have gotten a little sick; stomach aches, sore throats etc. Pray that as we reflect and praise Him, He will bestow unto us true rest in Him.

Once again, we deeply appreciate you partnering with us through prayer and intercession!

with love,
Team Cambo!

Soli Deo Gloria!


One thought on “Safely back in kimchiland

  1. Thank you Amy for all the hard work you have been putting on the website!! It truly brightens up the glory of God to all the people partnering with us and also recalls me HIS AWESOME WORK done among our team in Cambodia. Praise the Lord! Love you sistar! 😀

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