Team Cambo

One of many testimonies of this team was our team unity. It was strong and God really taught us what it meant to be one body; so diverse yet one. We shared laughter, stories, tears, late nights and flu bugs. His anointing is all over this team. For those who interceded, thank you, the Lord heard and answered your prayers.


Safely back in kimchiland

We arrived safely with an extraordinarily smooth touch down.

Sorry for the lack of updates while on the missions field but rest assured, you’ll be getting more updates on what happened through pictures and videos soon, once we get everything put in order and have really taken time to reflect on what happened and truly give Him all the Glory.

Do keep praying for us though. Physically, we all have gotten a little sick; stomach aches, sore throats etc. Pray that as we reflect and praise Him, He will bestow unto us true rest in Him.

Once again, we deeply appreciate you partnering with us through prayer and intercession!

with love,
Team Cambo!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Quick VBS Update

We have learnt that God uses everyone and everything. The past 3 days of VBS was truly a learning experience and we know we’ve got so much more to learn in the two days ahead.

Day 1: We talked about how God is good and Satan is bad. It was physically challenging because it was the first time we actually did a whole VBS but(!) by God’s grace, we made it through day 1. We tried playing games with the children but it backfired a little bit when we realized the children were a lot younger and following instruction was really not their forte, we had to simplify the game; which, thank God, turned out ok.

Day 2: We talked about the blood of Christ today and that was the price that was payed for the children. For the skit, we showed how the enemy comes and puts different identities on us; thief(sinner), ugly and unloved. Jesus then comes out, fights off the demons and then goes on to  replace the identities. So, during the message, P. Joel actually asked the children to line up behind the false identity that the identify with and almost half the children walked towards unloved and it just broke our hearts. But the Lord did great things that day. We got to witness a glimpse the power of His restoration.

Thank you for your continuous prayers. Day 3 and Day 4 updates will be coming up soon c:

God  bless you!