Intercessory Prayer

To make it easy for our intercessors to remember how to keep up in prayer, remember CAMBO:
—Covering – spiritual protection over the whole team the whole time we are there.
—Advancing the Kingdom of God – in Cambodia. That His light will really shine and the children will really experience His Love for them.
—Manifest Presence – that Jesus would manifest Himself in our every VBS, skits, discipleship session and ARC party.
—Body of Christ – that we would have the love for one another to the point that we would be willing to die for each other.
Overflow of the Spirit – we would have supernatural strength for the whole trip.
Please keep these 5 things in prayer everyday we are there.
If you put your mouse on the intercessory prayer page, you will be able to see specifically how you can intercede for us more effectively daily as we are there!
We really appreciate your partnership and support for it is crucial to us! Thank you, mighty warriors!

3 thoughts on “Intercessory Prayer

  1. Dear God, I recall when you sent me to Cambodia with OEM back in 1999, that you showed me how you were raising up the children in the church of Cambodia to be light to the dark world that adults had made, and I thank you for continuing to invest faithfully in that people group by stirring up passionate people of Christ to provide that “holy visitation.”

    Purify this group by sheathing them with the blood of Christ, fill them with love for You, so that they may overflow with your personhood, and anoint everything that they say and do so that the people in Cambodia see Christ alone. We are few, but we are strong when You surround us, Lord, so use this group of a few followers of Christ to have a strong impact on building your kingdom up in Cambodia.

  2. Thank you God for this amazing team of mighty warriors! I come into agreement with all the prayers and I declare that Team Cambo is unshakable, invincible, powerful, and undevourable. You have in store treasures and plans that surpass their understanding and expectations. Lord, it’s all about you, and it’s all for you. Thank you Father that the team knows this and their hearts burn with passion for the Gospel of Peace.

    I pray for full covering, bless them Jesus and watch over them and especially their health. I pray that the team will bring the Kingdom because they are fully equipped, and they lack nothing! Lord through their interactions and relationships, manifest your presence in ways the Cambodian people have never seen before. Through the display of love would you direct all attention to the Cross and the resurrected Body of Christ, who is our one and only Saviour. Finally, overflow their spirit!! I pray Jesus that all they do will be out of compassion and not compulsion and that will open up hearts and ears to the Word of Christ.

    Jesus! continue to refresh everyone, give them new revelations of your love and grace each day. I pray that this trip will be turning points in each and everyone’s lives.
    Lord, I lift up the leader P.Joel! Continue to pour out your peace, wisdom, discernment, and clarity as he leads the team! I also pray that the team members will come into full submission to his words and the relationships will increase in intimacy and honor!

    Thank you Lord for the first day! We expect you do show up in every area and give you praise in advance! We love you Jesus! In your precious and mighty name, AMEN!

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