Friday (13/1)

Today will be our last day ministering at Svay Pak at Rahab’s House. All throughout our time of ministry here, God has time and time again confirmed that this is exactly where we need to be at this time through just a lot of different people constantly encouraging us. Whether it be our skits or just the way we interact with the disciples; we have been getting a lot of positive feedback and we know that this is a fruit of your prayers and purely God’s Grace. Today, we are going to talk about Heaven to the children; focusing on how it is a place where there will no longer be sickness, poverty and weeping. 

Pray that the children will truly receive God’s hope from this message. We have witnessed the lifestyles of these children and they really need hope to be able to pursue and believe that God has so much more in stored for them. More than what they can ever imagine. It is also our last day with our disciples; do pray that we will truly be able to pour out as much as possible during the sessions no matter how tired we get. 

Also, we are hoping to be able to stay over at Svay Pak tomorrow. So pray that the Brewsters will agree to allowing us to stay over and really see Svay Pak at night to be able to understand the situation. 

Thank you for covering us in prayers every day. Truly, God has heard each and every one of them and He has been answering them in MIGHTY MIGHTY ways.



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