Friday (6/1)

Today, we will be preparing for the Agape Restoration Center party. Basically we will be preparing for the games, skits, dances and body worship. 
Pray specifically for:
Wisdom and discernment for the party. This day is crucial as we had not have enough time to really practice and prepare for the ARC while here in Korea.

This will also be the day that we get to first experience Cambodia and will have to adjust to the physical and spiritual atmosphere of the place.
Pray specifically that:
It would not be a problem for us in terms of adjusting to our new environment. Especially our sleeping arrangements so that we get to really rest well at night. 
Spiritually that we would be discerning to the spiritual dynamics in the place. And God would really give us spiritual eyes to see the locals there.  


One thought on “Friday (6/1)

  1. Thank you for the prayer points. I hope everyone got goooood rest overnight and feels ready for the day. May the FULL Joy of the Lord be released at the party in Jesus Name!!! =D

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