Monday (9/1)

Today will be our first day in Svay Pak ministering to the children in Rahab’s House. The first VBS will be the color black which represents sin and deception. Pastor Joel will be speaking from Genesis 3. The two main points that we really want the children to get is satan is the root of all evil and Jesus is the root of all good…and He is restoring all things!

Pray for: 
Clarity. That the children will be able to understand and get the message clearly and that as Pastor Joel preaches and it gets translated, the deliverer of the message truly be the Holy Spirit. Also for our skit; that the message it is going to send will be clear. Our skit will be about the Creation and the Fall and God’s redemption. Pray that the Holy Spirit will really prepare the hearts of these children to really understand that they have a Maker that is going to restore them and that the enemy is a liar and he deceiver and is here to “steal, kill and destroy”.


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